Stockport Dog Walker - Favourite spots for dog walkers in Stockport

As a Stockport dog walker I feel that we are blessed with a wide choice of parks, woodland and country trails available for walking dogs. There are many dog walks in and around the Stockport area that offer pleasant surroundings, a clean and well tended environment and safe rivers for our dogs to enjoy themselves splashing around in. Dogs love to play, run and explore so a woodland setting is one of the best environments for them to be able to pursue these urges. I’ve listed some of these areas local to Stockport below and would welcome any suggestions for dog walker friendly locations that you don’t see below:



Vernon Park, Stockport - Dog walkers information

A lovely, well tended park with lots of open green spaces for dog walkers to exercise their dogs both on and off lead. There are also plenty of attractions for the owners too, with beautiful landscaping and flower beds, the ornamental pond in the middle of the park, restored bandstand, sunken garden and museum to name but a few.


Woodbank Park, Stockport - Dog walkers information

Another well tended park, well maintained open spaces (although some are used for cricket matches during the summer months) but the real attraction for dog walkers are the miles of woodlands surrounding the park and bordering the river Goyt (can be a bit muddy sometimes). You and your dog can spend hours exploring the unspoilt beauty of these natural surroundings with lots of trails to discover and wildlife to admire.


Reddish Vale, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This woodland area connects Brinnington and Reddish with the river Mersey flowing through it, and is a firm favourite for dog walkers. There are many well maintained paths through it, and bridleways too for horse owners. Some areas of the river banks are quite eroded however so be careful not to get too close on the more raised areas unless you can see that there is solid ground underneath where you’re standing! Plenty of open spaces, long grass and bushes - perfect for your dogs to play hide and seek!


Brabyns Park, Marple, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This park was originally the estate of Brabyns Hall and was opened to the public in 1947. It is has wonderful landscaped views and riverside walks, as well as surrounding woods that extend in several directions to link up with local public footpaths. It borders the river Goyt and the Peak Forest canal, so many dog walkers like to exercise their dogs at the riverside especially at a spot near the bridge where there is a gentle slope into the water for those dogs less inclined to dive straight in! There are well maintained playing fields, picnic areas, horse riding areas, a grade II listed iron bridge and even a BMX track.


Marple Memorial Park, Marple, Stockport - Dog walkers information

A smaller park but still beautifully maintained, Marple Memorial park is a focus point for the local community, with the library, health centre and other public buildings housed within it. It is often used as a starting point for dog walkers when walking along the Peak Forest canals or down into Brabyns Park (above). It has plenty of open spaces to exercise your dog, with an outdoor play area and skate park to amuse the kids.


Chadkirk Country Estate, Bredbury, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This local attraction includes a sixty acre farm and a 16th century chapel and is surrounded by woodland on three sides with the river Goyt on the other. There are miles of unspoilt countryside surrounding the chapel, which houses a small cafe and offers audio and visual information on the history of the site. Paths are well maintained but some areas are public roads with no walkway so dog walkers need to be alert for traffic.


Torkington Park, Hazel Grove, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This is the main park in Hazel Grove and as such has huge open spaces to exercise your dog, there are many attractions for children as well so they can be exercised at the same time! Some areas of the park have dog restrictions and a strict ‘on lead’ policy. There are several scoop bins provided throughout the park so dog walkers should make sure to clean up after your dogs. This park hosts many public events so if your dog is timid around strangers or isn’t a lover of noise and activity, it might be worth checking in advance that there are none scheduled.


Etherow Country Park, Compstall, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This park is a local nature reserve and contains a variety of birds and wildlife, it contains many areas of natural beauty and has lots of well maintained pathways through beautiful woodland. There are many information boards describing the rich industrial heritage of the area along the way, which makes for an informative as well as enjoyable walk. Some areas around the lakes require dogs to be kept on a lead as there are many wild birds around. Be on the lookout for people fishing along the lakeside pathways also, and make sure your dog is under control when passing.


Bramhall Park, Bramhall, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This park is set in the beautifully landscaped grounds of Bramhall Hall. The 16th century Tudor timber framed hall is set in seventy acres of woodland and riverside trails, offering plenty of opportunities for you and your dog to explore. This park gets very popular, especially in the summer months and is a firm favourite with dog walkers from all surrounding areas. There are plenty of scoop bins dotted around so always make sure you clean up after your dog.


Bruntwood Park, Cheadle, Stockport - Dog walkers information

A park with many acres of tree lined avenues, wide open fields and attractions to keep the younger children happy, Bruntwood is a gem hidden away near the centre of Cheadle. There are several places where dog walkers can get off the beaten track and really explore the surrounding woodlands. Bear in mind that there are many attractions for two legged as well as four legged visitors though, and it can get busy in the summer months. There is parking on-site but this can be expensive so dog walkers might want to park elsewhere and continue on into the park grounds.


Werneth Low Country Park, Stockport - Dog walkers information

This large park, popular with dog walkers is set in over 200 acres across the northern and western slopes of Werneth Low. It offers a variety of trails and landscapes to walk through and explore with your dog and the views are nothing short of magnificent! From the highest point in the park (the cenotaph) there are panaromic views of Manchester extending all the way to Liverpool, and there are even some viewfinders dotted around to help identify popular landmarks. Visitors are well catered for and there are several horse riding, cycle paths and picnic areas if you fancy making a day of it.


I know it’s not always possible to walk our dogs as often as we’d like, due to work commitments or ill health, so for those times why not consider a professional dog walker service. In the past I have used a company called ‘Who’s walking who?’ which is based in Stockport and has very reasonable prices. They have always provided a great service for me when I’ve been unable to walk my dogs. Bev really put my mind at rest with her attention to detail during the inital consultation and my dogs took to her immediately. Definitely worth considering in my opinion.

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